Monday, July 18, 2011

Unlicensed Massage!

This is make public a problem that many people do not know exists: Unlicensed Massage. There is a huge problem in the city of Houston, Texas. Now this actually involves Licensed Massage Therapists, maybe even you have received one from them, but the Massage Establishment they work in is Unlicensed. The fault actually lies with the owner, who failed to apply to the State of Texas for this license called an ME or Massage Establishment License. This means that they have not paid the appropriate fees to the State, and also are probably not following the code, a set of laws that governs how massage is to be applied in the state of Texas. This means that they are wide open to law suits, because insurance DOES NOT COVER, when a person is in violation of the law. Therefore, since they are so brazen as to VIOLATE THE LAW, I will list them Here on this blog as I find them. Once they have been exposed and gotten their license I will verify with the Dept of State Health Svcs that they have a valid MASSAGE ESTABLISHMENT LICENSE, then I will removed them from the listing.    

If you want to know if the place you get massage is in compliance with Texas state law governing the scope of  massage therapy, all you have to do is ask to see their ME license. If they do not have one hanging on the wall, they probably do not have one, Houston is a HOT SPOT of illegal activity according to officials. They, the Massage Establishments, OWE YOU by being obligated legally to show you their license, and by displaying it on the wall where anyone can see it. 

I went to one place and asked to see their license. After many questions, the finally dug it out of a low cabinet.  Then later I checked online to verify the validity and it was not listed, so they had an old license that was not renewed. 

When you see the asterisk * it means they were not listed with the State of Texas as having a valid/current ME license: 

Akoya Spa*

Atrium Salon & Day Spa

Beautiful One Salon & Spa*

Bliss Day Spa*


Evia Spa*

Fiori Spa*

Kavana Healing Arts Spa*

Hawaiian Retreat Day Spa*

International Derma Spa*

"Relax ~ Station"* at Deerbrook Mall, they do chair massage by the elevator
(license expired)

Urban Retreat*

Wish Studio Salon and Spa*

Za Spa* (Located in Hotel ZAZA Houston)

If you would like to inquire as to the legal compliance of your spa, feel free, we will check it out if you don't know how!